Knowing your CE credit status is important.

At CE Records, our focus is making the tracking of CE credits easy for financial services professionals. We’ve developed a platform to keep a record of your progress, so you know where you stand. It is our intent to provide solutions that allow you to be planful in obtaining your continuing educations credits.

Mission Statement

To help financial services professionals track their continuing education commitments to confidently meet their regulatory and designation requirements.

Taking action in a planful way to obtain outstanding CE credits will save you time and avoid last-minute rushing at year-end.  With CE Records, you will have all your continuing education credit information in your personalized dashboard; all at your fingertips.

We understand the impact and disruptions obtaining CE credits can have on your practice, In choosing CE Records, you have a team that is experienced, passionate and committed to putting the advisor first in everything we do.

Founded by Colin Henry in 2019, who has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Colin has held numerous positions in the investment industry – Investment Advisor, Product Wholesaler, and Executive with a number of wealth management and insurance firms where he experienced these challenges first hand.

“I was tired of tracking my CE credits manually, unsure if I had enough and dreading an audit or worse having to drop everything to scramble to satisfy the requirements for the cycle. This is what led me to find a solution that was easy to use and kept me on track.”

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